Accommodation in Prague, Prague City Centre

Our hotel is completely safe:

  • Rooms and all areas of the hotel are cleaned with special disinfectants, including ozone generators. We pay particular attention to thorough cleaning.
  • Disinfectants are available throughout the hotel premises – reception, restaurant, public areas and toilets.
  • All employees are in excellent health. They are trained and follow in-house regulations. We take great care to adhere to strict hygiene and safety principles.
  • No incidence of COVID-19 virus has been detected in our hotel. Neither for employees nor for clients.
  • Should you need it, we can help you arrange a COVID-19 test at the nearest hospital.

We provide contactless services:

  • Online reception – contactless communication with the reception through our modern internet application.
  • Online hotel check-in - our modern internet system allows you to check in to the hotel without personal contact with the receptionist.
  • Breakfast in the room – on request we also serve breakfast in the guest's room 
  • Room service – we provide 24-hour room service (restaurant services, purchase of other personal requirements).
  • Online guide – we provide guests with hotel and guide services through our internet application.
  • Online doctor – our hotel doctor is available for medical consultations by phone or email. Personal consultations in the guest’s room can also be arranged.